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Ultimate fantasy
Ultimate fantasy

It was a tough Monday, and I was exhausted. I got home and decided I needed to blow off some steam. I was also really horny. I lathered myself up with hair removal cream and took a hung shower. Smooth and horny I looked at my outfit I had laid out. Butt soft black leather thigh boots with five inch heels, black garter bet and nylons, pink thong, black lether skirt white blouse and a black cropped jacket. I got myles dressed, sipped some wine and cruised the crossdressing chat sites. It wAs my lucky night, tara a hot black tranny was on and she wanted to chat. We had chatted before but had never met up. Well to my surprise she asked me if I was interested in meeting tonight. I was so horny I almost jerked off right then, but I composed myself and said I could meet her at a local bar in 30 minutes. She agreed, so I had another glass of wine and
Got in the car. As I drove I looked in my mirror and I was shocked at how whorish I looked. Rd wig, red lipstick, red niails, and leather from head to toe. Total slut. I pulled into the parking lot and I saw Tara in her car. We both got out and walked towards each other and she was dressed to the nines. Red PVC thighboots, red PVC skirt and red PVC jacket. She must have stood 6 foot 5 just a little taller than me. We greeted each other with a hug and next thing I know a large man grabbed me and put a cloth on my face.
Next thing I know I am tied to a random bed face down ball gag in my mouth and I am tied up to the four corners. I turn my head and Tara is looking at me, she licks her luscious red lips and says that she is going to fulfill one of my fantasyI for me. She has a friend mike who is going to be with us and they are going to use me as their toy for the evening. Well we had talked about this fantasy before but I didnt think it would ever come true. My lucky night I guess.
Tara lifted up her skirt and presented her 10 inch thick cock to me and said I was going to love this, and mike was bigger than her. All I could do was moan through my ball gag
I closed my eyes and thought could this really be happening...l
Next thing I know I feel a set of hands on my leather clad ass, rubbing gently
Mike says to Tara this is going to be good,
I feel my pink thong moved off to the side and some warm lube rubbed on my ass. They pull up my skirt slightly and then I feel the pressure. Mike is pushing his monster into me. I started seeing stars. It was massive, and hurt. Tara rubbed my leather boots and said relax you will love this.
Well mike starting pushing and I started moaning. I could tell he wasn't all the way in but he was deep. I was moaning like a whore in heat. My cock was rock hard and as he was about ten minutes into it I started shooting cum into my skirt and on my belly. Next thing I know I hear him yell I am going to cum. Tara said fill him up. It felt like someone poured a gallon of hot fluid in me. What a feeling. As mike pulled out Tara put a butt plug in me, she didn't
T want me to lose any of the cum. She undid my ball gag and said to start sucking. She had the largest head on her cock. Once I got her nice and hard she went to my ass, unplugged me and started to fuck me. She pounded me for what seemed like a half hour, and I could feel her balls bouncing off me. I new I had her in me all the way. Mike started to fuck my mouth and I started coming in my leather skirt again. As I started omcing so did Tara. I was being filled up again. She pulled out and put the plug back in me. I was exhausted, but her and mike had other plans. They decided to have some drinks and freshen up in the room and left me tied there. I must have dozed off, but I awoke when I felt my plug being pulled out and hands on my hips. Tara's PVC skirt was resting on my nose and her cock was at my mouth and mike was pushing his was back in. Next thing I know I feels his balls slapping my ass. I had his monster all the way in me, and Tara was seriously pounding my mouth. Again I filled the front of my skirt with cum and mike filled my back side. Tara rushed around and starting pumping my ass and filled me up as well. She then plugged me again. I cleaned them both off with my mouth. I was hoping we were done. This fantasy had come true, but they weren't done. It was close to three am, and they were at me again, my poor ass I thought, will never be the same. How much cum can they dump in me. Well after this round they said there would be only one more. They plugged me and decided to finish the last load all over my face and leather jacket. 4 am I am looking at two massive black cocks shooting spunk into my eyes.
Tara tells mike to untie me, and unplug me. I couldn't even move. After he untied me I rolled to my side, and when he pulled the plug out, what felt like a gallon of cum poured from my ass down my leg and all over my beautiful thigh boots. In them and over them. My leather jacket was covered in sperm, and the front of my skirt was a sticky mess. Tara came up to me and kissed me and said I hoped you enjoyed it because we did.
She then said you are on your on to get back to your car, have the front desk guy call a cab for you. They left, and I stayed behind for a few to look at myself and compose myself. In the mirror I saw a cum stained leather whore.
Well I did the walk of shame and caught a cab. The front desk guy was cool but the cab driver wasn't when I realized I had no cash. I also left a cum mess in his back seat because it was leaking out of me still So I blew him too. I walked into the house at 6 and went to bed in the outfit I was wearing. Waking up a few hours later reaking of sperm and leather. Nothing better
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